Why Schema.org
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  Richard Wallis   Richard Wallis
Technology Evangelist


Monday, June 3, 2013
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Level:  Business/Strategic

Location:  Imperial B

Why is Schema.org a good way to publish structured information about your resources on the web. Why would you want to do that. What are the benefits. What is wrong with with our own vocabularies. Richard shares his personal opinions, coloured by the library domain in which he works, but relevant to all.

Richard joined OCLC having been with the UK’s leading Linked Data and Semantic Web technology company, Talis, for over twenty years. This coupled with his passion for and engagement with new and emerging technology trends, gives him a unique perspective of the issues challenging information professionals today. As Technology Evangelist he is at the forefront in promoting, explaining, and applying new and emerging Web and Semantic Web technologies in the library and wider information domain. Richard is well known on the conference platform in the Semantic Web, Library, and Information Management sectors.

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