Adopting Semantic Technology in the Enterprise
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  Matthew Degel   Matthew Degel
Chief Architect
Viacom Inc.


Monday, June 3, 2013
09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Level:  Business/Strategic

Location:  Grand B

Corporate enterprises have large investments in legacy technologies, tools and skillsets. Semantic Technology promises new and flexible answers to previously intractable problems, yet we need to introduce new concepts and approaches to traditional or risk-averse organizations. This talk will discuss some of the practical issues, observations and best practices the Viacom Architecture Team has identified in starting to broadly implement Semantics at Viacom Media Networks.

• How to evangelize to decision makers
• How to educate technical staff
• Where to anticipate resistance
• How, how quickly, and how far to drive the transition

Matthew Degel is SVP, Chief Architect for Viacom, responsible for delivering overall architectural direction, including governance, enterprise integration and process definition. He has been developing integrated cross-discipline solutions to more efficiently deliver media to an ever broadening supply chain of partners, platforms and devices, while also designing a more flexible and efficient technology environment for the company. Matthew was previously CTO for MTV Networks International, leading technology operations in a fast-growing and dynamic global environment (143 channels, production operations in 14 cities), supporting 42 offices across 26 countries speaking 16 languages and spanning 19 time zones. Before Viacom, Matthew worked at Microsoft in both client-facing and development roles (including the Visual Basic product group and the Windows for Smart Cards product group). Prior to Microsoft, Matthew worked as a Vice President at Citicorp in both technology and finance roles.

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